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    Edward Hoffmann Mold Assessment is located in Gainesville, FL. We proudly offer mold inspection and identification services to ensure that your mold situation is completely taken care of.
    Your safety and health is our number one priority at Edward Hoffman Mold Assessment. We strive to provide you with all the steps necessary for getting rid of the mold threatening your clean air.
    In addition to mold inspections, we also collect air samples to analyze the extremity of the mold in your home.
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Our Services

Mold testing
Mold Assessment

Edward Hoffmann Mold Assessment provides mold assessment that ensures you know all aspects of the infestation, including size, extremity, and how many mold spores exist in the air. Our trained experts do a thorough job in getting rid of the mold problem in your home.

Air vent
Air Samples

Here at Edward Hoffmann Mold Assessment, we understand how important clean air is in regards to living a healthy, comfortable day-to-day life. Our air samples are collected and analyzed to provide a detailed report of the extremity of the mold infestation plaguing your home.

Mold identification
Mold Identification

Mold identification is crucial when eliminating a mold infestation. Edward Hoffmann Mold Assessment provides mold identification services to single out the type of mold we are dealing with.

Black Mold

Black mold is a toxic kind of mold that can lead to serious health complications. Edward Hoffmann Mold Assessment offers a long term solution to eliminating the black mold problem in your home so you can avoid those health complications.

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